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Fan Fiction Masterlist

Yep, a Masterlist for three whole stories...  ;-)

A Good Man

Main Characters/Pairings: Ianto/Jack
Other Characters/Pairings: Mentions of Ianto/Lisa, Tosh, Owen, Suzie, Gwen/Rhys, Faith*
Status: WIP
Rating: M
Warnings: Character death, flashbacks to past child abuse and crappy parenting
Spoilers: Refers to events and conversations that can be found in various episodes of Torchwood (except Miracle Day, cos I'm just not going there) and Doctor Who (although the Doctor and Rose don't exist in this universe)
Disclaimer: The characters and happenings of Torchwood don't belong to me. I'm not that cruel.
Summary: Having survived Canary Wharf, Ianto Jones is sent to Cardiff to take control of Torchwood 3 and to manage the small team of 4... plus the immortal Jack Harkness

* A complete character and pairing listing can be found on my website.

Chapter 1: An introduction to Ianto and he meets Jack for the first time
Chapter 2: A bit of Jack's background and his reaction to Ianto
Chapter 3: Ianto meets the team
Chapter 4: The truth about Suzie and the glove
Chapter 5: Ianto has an unpleasant meeting
Chapter 6: Ianto starts to read through Jack's files
Chapter 7: Guest starring Carys Fletcher and the alien sex gas
Chapter 8: Jack takes Ianto to Flat Holm Island
Chapter 9: Ianto's decision about Flat Holm Island
Chapter 10: Suzie returns and Myfanwy flies in
Chapter 11: The team meets Myfanwy and Suzie settles in
Chapter 12: Of nightmares and ghosts
Chapter 13: Jack's workroom revealed, or is it...
Chapter 14: All hell breaks loose
Chapter 15: Dealing with a Cyberwoman
Chapter 16: The aftermath
Chapter 17: Jack is suspended
Chapter 18: Jack’s Back and there’s a first kiss
Chapter 19: Campfire games and cannibals
Chapter 20: Jack makes a decision and there’s another first kiss
Chapter 21: Mary goes for a ride and a meeting is held
Chapter 22: the committee make some plans
Chapter 23: Suzie breaks through the Retcon
Chapter 24: The truth about Suzie and the glove, revisited
Chapter 25: Suzie gets shot, the glove gets shot and Ianto makes a proposition
Chapter 26: One Word: Stopwatch
Chapter 27: Ianto asserts his authority, with mixed reactions
Chapter 28: Ianto meets someone unexpected, Jack and Gwen get busted
Chapter 29: Gwen is suspended and Ianto has a visitor
Chapter 30: Attack of the giant octopus


Characters/Pairings: Ianto/Jack, Rhys/Gwen
Words: 2468
Status: Complete
Rating: All Ages
Warnings: None
Spoilers: Nothing in particular, unless you haven't seen anything of Torchwood at all...
Disclaimer: The characters and happenings of Torchwood don't belong to me. I'm not that cruel.
Summary: The Doctor once called Jack Harkness wrong, and according to the rules of time he was wrong but several years after Ianto's death, with Jack still feeling guilty over his death, does that even matter?
Author's Note: This is not a COE fix-it, but the boys still get their happy ending


Of Fairy Tales and Time Agents

Characters: Ianto, Jack, Rose, Nine, an unspecified Doctor and an entire bar full of grateful OCs
Spoilers: General and vague mentions of DW: The Empty Child & The Parting of the Ways and TW: Cyberwoman, Fragments & Children of Earth
Words: 1899
Rating: All Ages
Disclaimer: The characters and happenings of Torchwood don't belong to me. I'm not that cruel.
Warnings: None
Summary: There's a popular fairy tale handed down from generation to generation and there's also a legend. A legend of man who has sworn never to forget his lost lover, of a man who, every one thousand years, returns to Earth to keep a promise made thousands of years ago.

Of Fairy Tales and Time Agents

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